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Future Voices

Work produced by City of Glasgow College applied arts students provides an integral and dynamic aspect to the show. 

Sixteen students responded to a brief to make and decorate a press-moulded plate, they were also invited to take part in a commemorative tile competition, providing a contemporary response to Scotland’s historic pottery industry. The chosen tile represents Scotland’s ‘ghost industry’ and will be donated to Maryhill Burgh Halls to complete the set of historic industry panels that are currently on display there.

City of Glasgow College

The students’ work provides a vibrant and hopeful element to the display as it reveals how Scotland’s pottery heritage can have an active and vital role in skills development, unlocking the potential of the lost practices involved in Scotland’s industrial pottery industry for education and learning.

The exhibition is part of a wider initiative to advocate for a dedicated Scottish Pottery Museum to celebrate and recognise the historic contribution made by the Scottish pottery industry to the country’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Acknowledging, researching and reviving an interest in this incredible industry will allow this heritage to become an asset for knowledge creation, skills development and relationship building with local, national and international communities, harnessing the ‘outward-facing spirit’ of Scotland’s pottery heritage and inspiring future generations of ceramic producers.

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Scottish Pottery Society

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